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Temagami Outdoors
Est 2020

Temagami Outdoors was founded and established in 2020 by husband and wife duo Rielly and Dom! They met at a fishing lodge in Northwestern Ontario back in 2013 and the rest is history. After moving to Lake Temagami and getting married in 2018 they saw the potential for tourism in the area and wanted to get younger people into the outdoors. By 2020 they were ready to launch their business that offered On-Ice Bungalows. Since its inception Temagami Outdoors has grown to offer clean and modern on ice bungalows, fishing charters and boat taxi services.


In 2023 they took it a step further and acquired Ket-Chun-Eny Lodge on Lake Temagami. This private island features 4 cabins for rent, a lodge facility complete with accomodations, kitchens, a dining area and a games room. The island also features ample lounging space with each accomodation having private boardwalk areas, a sandy beach, hot tub, sauna, kayaks, canoes and more! 

Temagami Outdoors is where it all began! Originally started to offer on ice bungalows on Lake Temagami it has evolved to offer a plethora of additional services including charters, taxi boats and other guided adventures! Temagami Outdoors isn't a phsyical PLACE it's a lifestyle!

Ket Chun Eny Lodge is a private island getaway on Lake Temagami! It is a phyical property offering cabin rentals, boat rentals, a lodge and many other great amenities. It is owned and operated by Temagami Outdoors Inc and serves as the home base for a variety of outdoor adventures on Lake Temagami and surrounding lakes! Rent a single cabin, a single boat or the whole shebang for a memorable vacation, family reunion, retreat and much more!

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