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Fall Fishing Fun

It’s that time of year when everything is crisp-the air, the leaves underfoot, the water… but with the falling leaves and dropping temperatures comes something wonderful. FALL FISHING!

Many anglers spend their time targeting fish during the fair weather months but I am here to tell you it's worth bundling up and hitting the lake in the colder open water months.

Lake Temagami has crystal clear water which makes the walleye bite a bit finicky throughout the summer months, but once the water temps drop man oh man they are really chomping at the jig! Fall is such a great time to test out new tackle and tactics and step out of your fishing comfort zone. Since the fish are generally so eager to bite you will see success with jigging raps and plastic but of course we love our live bait here on Temagami ESPECIALLY when the target species is walleye.

I really want to share some of my tips and tricks for fall fishing but I would like to begin with some of the preparation. As someone who prefers to be warm and absolutely detests being cold I have come up with a few strategies to ensure I am still enjoying my time on the water. Make sure to dress up appropriately this starts from the base layer-a merino wool base layer is recommended, with a wool or blend mid layer. Then onto your out layers which could include a warm floater suit, puffer jacket with rain coat etc. Hot hands in the pockets is a great addition to warm up the fingers and get your dexterity back. A thermos of tea, coffee, hot chocolate is sure to warm you from the inside out and boost morale. As for feet-wool socks and NATS boots are my personal recommendation!

This year we really focus on catching walleye. Our new Minn Kota motor has been a game changer and spot lock means we can jig regardless of what mother nature decides to throw our way. We really spent time jigging and we are fans of a basic mooneye jig with a red hook and a minnow. Rielly has been using a drop shot setup with great success this year. We have been finding that the fall fish are hungry enough to just smash our baits with little to no cadence or rhythm provided you have live bait.

Jigging raps are also a great option in the fall! It's a great time to really learn how to use one effectively and with great results! At the very least you are likely going to catch some hungry chunky smallmouth bass. And best case scenario you catch a ravenous personal best Walleye while learning a new method of jigging.

Remember if you are using live bait make sure it was purchased within your bait management zone. Check out the bait regulations here if you are unsure of how to proceed with your live bait!

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