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Temagami Outdoors Origin Story

I would love to tell you that we woke up one day with the idea, knowledge and power to begin Temagami Outdoors but it is a story that was years in the making! Humble beginnings are always such a great origin story and our beginnings were certainly humble.

It all started way back in 2013 when Rielly and I met working at a remote fishing lodge north of Red Lake, ON. We became quick friends and shared ideas and hopes of maybe owning a fishing lodge together one day, but I was busy with schooling and finding my way through life and Rielly was finishing up school and focusing on the seasonal employment lifestyle! We were best friends for 3 years before finally working up the courage to share our feelings.

We began dating in 2016, got engaged in 2017 and got married in 2018 here on Lake Temagami. While we were dating we worked at a high end fishing lodge north of Kenora and realized that we did not want to operate or manage a lodge of that magnitude at any point in our lives. After leaving that job we moved to Belleville with Riellys parents and tried to figure out what the heck we wanted to do. We discussed elaborate road trips, seasonal employment on the west coast and I am sure we even talked about van living.

In the meantime a lodge property on an island on Lake Temagami came up for sale and after lots of hard work, red tape and long discussions we decided to go into business with Rielly’s parents and buy the lodge. Now Rielly’s parents are the ones who purchased the lodge and Rielly and I provided sweat equity and knowledge. We got married on the dock of Great Spirit Lodge just months after moving to Temagami and spent our honeymoon phase figuring out the ins and outs of lodge ownership. It was a fun and scary time for everyone!

After a couple years in business together we realized it wasn’t going to work out and Rielly and I branched out and tried to figure out what we should do moving forward.

We began working for Temagami Property Management Services providing maintenance, cleaning, gardening, and many other services to the residents of Lake Temagami in the summer months. In the winter months we were renting on-ice bungalows and in the fall of 2020 we officially named the business Temagami Outdoors. In the spring of 2022 we were offered the opportunity to take over the property management business and thus Cottage Care was born.

It has been a chaotic few years for us and everyone around us. Throw in a global pandemic and sometimes I am amazed that we made it through at all. Everyday we are thankful for our hard work and the assistance that got us here.

One day Temagami Outdoors will be at the forefront of eco-friendly tourism offering guided fishing and hiking, alternative accommodations, rentals and so much more! We are so happy you are on this journey with us and cannot thank you enough for the support and kindness we have received over the years!

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